I have all that I need.

I love this scripture, when my husband and I were in the early days of our walk with Jesus, this was a portion of scripture that we studied at a small group, it really got stuck in our minds. They are words that we held on to whilst developing and growing in trust for God, in the times we questioned God we reverted back to this scripture, we have all that we need.

No matter how dark a day may seem, when we actually think about what we need, it soon becomes apparent that we have it all. Is your heart beating? Yes. Are we still breathing? Yes. Do we have food, water, shelter? Yes. Even if we lost all of our material things we can still live on what we have.

Trusting God is a choice and if we choose to take these words literally and trust God we will have much more. He will work for us, with what we have, where we are at. We just have to trust him.

Think about it, what is it we actually, really and truly need? There are probably many things that we want, but there is a huge difference between needing and wanting. A need is a vital source, and want is a desire. And if we are prepared to live with all that we need and trust God he will give us many things that we want.

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires Psalm 37:4.

Thank You God that You are all that we need, that You are our shelter and refuge all of the time despite us running to You only when we are in need, forgive us God for only ever coming to you in times of darkness, we love You God and praise Your wonderful ways.

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